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In some years beginning as early as late January we start to see allergies to juniper in the Albuquerque area. As Spring advances several other trees and weeds begin polinating making life miserable for many people. Treatment is available for these bothersome conditions and we provide state of the art care for them. The majority are mild cases that can be treated with oral medications, nose sprays and eye drops. More severe allergy conditions warrant allergy testing which we do in our office. If necessary we can provide immunotherapy for long term reduction in allergy symptoms with the added advantage of teaching you to do most of this therapy in your home instead of having to come to our office frequently. Whatever the case, we can help with allergies in any number of ways. Let us show you how we can minimize your child's symptoms so you can all enjoy the Spring weather.


The following are important and trusted links to health information about infants, children and adolescents. Arguably there is just too much information about any subject these days and it can be confusing. We would like to be your official source for pediatric information and we are happy to help you sort through any information you find, but these websites provide information that is considered accurate and helpful. Be careful when surfing the web to ensure that you compare any information you obtain with these trusted sites or check with our office to assist you in navigating all of the information you might find out there in cyberspace.
Healthychildren.org General information about children's health from the American Academy of Pediatrics This site has a symptom checker that is useful for helping parents access a child's symptoms.
General medical information that allows searches about a large variety of conditions and medications
CDC Vaccines
We know that some people worry about the effect of vaccines these days. The CDC provides science based information about vaccine schedules, purposes, risks, etc. And, no, the government is NOT trying to hurt your child. Vaccines are thoroughly investigated before used in the general population. Millions of doses have been administered and any adverse events reported, so we know they are safe. That being said, we also know that some parents remain skeptical and we are happy to answer any questions or modify vaccine administration for those who are worried about them.
Mayo Clinic
Mayo Clinic - Search by disease or symptoms
General information about diseases
Air Quality Status
Current pollen counts and air quality information


Overeaters Anonymous (505) 261-3553 oa-cnmi.org
Children's Grief Center (505) 323-0478 www.childrensgrief.org
ABQ Quit Smoking Support (505) 307-3414 ABQ Support groups
Narcotics Anonymous (866) 855-6562 www.riograndena.org
Celiac Disease/Gluten Intolerance/Wheat Allergy Support Group (505) 298-0922 www.glutenfreealbuquerque.com
Rio Grande Down Syndrome Network www.RGDSN.org
The Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance of Albuquerque (505) 889-3632