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Who Are We

About Us

Our founder, Dr. Weston Sumner, comes from a long line of physicians.  Both his grandfather and father practiced medicine.  The following photo was taken from a painting of an old photo in Dr. Sumner's family.  Dr. Sumner's grandfather was a "horse and buggy" doctor.  His father is the baby in the photo and he was also a physician. That crooked sign on the porch reads, "Dr. Sumner's office."

When the current Doctor Sumner started practice most of the work he did was with seriously ill children in hospitals.  As the medical community evolved he shifted

his attention to office practice and was the first medical facility in New Mexico to incorporate an electronic medical record.  That was in 1996.  He is currently joined

in practice by Carolyn Montoya, PhD, CPNP, Judy Liesveld, PhD, CPNP and Fran Smith, MA, CPNP who assist in caring for our patients.  Combined we have more than

120 years of experience in caring for young people and we are very proud of what we do in providing state of the art medical care combined with long experience.